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Plotagon is a free 3D movie maker that allows you to create animated videos with plots and dialogue. With preset options for choices, you can easily act as the director, writer, and designer to set up scenes in your stories. Whether you're a beginner or an expert in animation, Plotagon's simplicity makes it easy to use and appreciate.

One of the key features of Plotagon is the ability to choose from a variety of character models or create your own custom one. These characters will be the actors in your movie or short video clip, and you can customize their appearance to your liking. While there are paid options for more choices, there are still plenty of free options available to create unique characters.

In addition to creating characters, Plotagon also features a scriptwriting tab where you can input the actors' positions, animations, emotions, and dialogue. The script format makes it easy to follow the flow of your story and ensure that everything happens as intended. The wide range of available animations for different emotions and movements adds life to your videos and enhances your storytelling.

Settings play an important role in movies, and Plotagon allows you to choose the locations for your scenes. The settings are divided into different genres, giving you the creative freedom to portray the setting according to your script. While some settings may need to be purchased, limitations can spark creativity, and there are still plenty of options available under other features.

If you want to incorporate voices into your videos, Plotagon offers the option to use default and synthetic text-to-speech voices or record and upload your own voice clips. This feature also allows you to showcase any talent in voice-acting. Additionally, you can tweak the sound effects and music of your scenes to enhance the overall experience.

Once you've finished creating your videos, Plotagon allows you to easily share them with others. You can upload your videos to YouTube and other social media networks, and connect with the large Plotagon user community. This community provides an opportunity to check out others' work, receive feedback, and engage with fellow creators.

While Plotagon's simple features make it easy to quickly create small videos, it does have some limitations. The limited free choices and lack of fully customizable options in the paid version may be a drawback for some users. Additionally, Plotagon lacks more diverse features such as character movement and freely movable camera angles. However, if you're looking for an easy and free program with nice graphics that doesn't require extensive animation skills, Plotagon is a great choice for creating various types of videos.

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